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Technical sessions

TECHNICAL SESSIONS: Technical Sessions will begin on Friday, 2nd June at 08:30 and conclude on Saturday, 3rd June at 13:00 at Frimurarehotellet, conference center Vintergatan. Lunch is included for all registered to the technical sessions.



  • James O’Connell, TFASA
    BushCat LSA Development to ASTM F2245-16C Certification 
  • Weston Pike and Magnus Fredriksson, SAAB
    VMU Flight Testing Experiences with the SAAB GlobalEye Special Mission Aircraft
  • Alekxander McGuinness, BELL
    Model 407M Envelope Expansion and Weapons Integration
  • Brad Lock, Collins Aerospace
    Turbulence to Top Gun – Pushing the limits with TCTSII
  • Gideon Singers, SHK
    Accident investigation findings relevant for the flight test community
  • Henrik Wänset and Marianne Hörberg, SAAB
    Recovery Chute – Deployment Test in High Angle of Attack
  • Alexander Tkachenko
    Wings of ANTONOV
  • Clark Childers
    How does the application of the SETP code of ethics apply to aging aircraft and test pilot training?
  • Brian Sandberg, SETP President


  • Etienne Miche de Malleray, AIRBUS
    How to improve A350 T/O performances
  • Billie Flynn, ITPS
    It Ain´t Over Till It´s Over
  • Matt Giese and Dan Draeger, BOEING
    High Speed Flight Test in the F-15
  • Hans Einerth, FMV
    Manned Unmanned Contingency Managment
  • Christopher Hyder and Dino Paggi, LEONARDO
    AW609- Civil Certification Challenges 
  • Guy Gratton, AIRC
    Through first flight to a mature electric aeroplane, and back to first flight

Call for Papers (Closed)

The Call for papers for 52nd European Symposium is open and deadline will be 31 March 2023.

This year’s symposium will not have a specific theme. We wish for papers within the full span of flight testing. The papers may contain valuable lessons learned, educational, historical, new technology, new test techniques, test successes, “less successful tests” or what you feel can be of interest for the attendees.

For submitting Papers, please e-mail to

Papers selection will close on 31st March 2023.